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The Transformational JourneyIf you are an individual or a solo-preneur/small business owner looking to understand and facilitate transformation in your life or your business, you are in the right place.

The Transformational Journey is for individuals or small business owners who are going through transformation.

The Change Process

How Do You See It?

Many people think that change is a process that is easy to manage and follows a straight line of cause and effect.

Traditional View of Change

Unfortunately, change is not simple and there is no straight path from Point A to Point B.  Change is messy and the path is not predictable.  There are, however, skills that can help you navigate the chaos of change.  Through our coaching and consulting services, we can help you develop those skills.

Change Option 2

Transforming Your Life

At The Transformational Journey we offer a range of coaching services and programs for individuals going through the process of transformation.  We follow a process that parallels the Hero’s Journey.

The Hero’s Journey

The process of transformation is a hero’s journey that involves three stages:

1. The departure from the known.

2. The path of trials and temptations through which the hero is tested and transformed.

3. The return home of the transformed hero.

Through our coaching process, we assist and support you in developing a set of skill sets and life practices that empower you to accelerate and take control of your transformational journey.  You will learn how to experience the joy of the transformation process and embrace change as a process of emotional and spiritual growth.

You can learn more about our coaching services by going to: Coaching Services

Transforming Your Business

We also work with small business owners who are interested in transforming themselves and their businesses. The foundation of this work is based on the assumption that transformation involves a change in identity and that as your identity changes, so too does the way you interact with others.  Thus, we work with business owners to re-vision and re-brand themselves and their business as well as to re-define how they engage with their customers, employees and other stakeholders.

You can learn more about the businesses services by going to: Business Services

Finally, please feel free to join in the conversation here as you make your journey towards transformation.

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