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Path & Practice

Want to ease the discomfort and pain of change?

The Transformational Journey publishes an e-newsletter called Path & Practice containing articles about the transformational journey as well as the path and practice of personal transformation.

The Journey

The path of transformation is the hero’s journey.  The transformational journey involves three stages: (1) the hero’s departure, (2) the path “trials and temptations” that challenges the courage and transforms the character of the hero and (3) the return home of the transformed hero.

The Path

There are six strategies that you can apply to create a more joyful transformational journey:

1. Challenging My Way of Seeing: Practicing Discernment & Reframing

2. Overcoming Fear: Managing Emotions & Cultivating Courage

3. Reducing Clutter: Creating Focus & Staying In Alignment

4. Confronting The Unknown:  Getting Clarity of Vision

5. Breaking Through Isolation: Building Community

6. Overcoming Paralysis: Becoming Proactive

The Practice

The practice of personal transformation involves the development of five disciplines:

1. Self-Care: The daily habits and regularly scheduled routines that nuture you and give you the mental,emotional and physical strength to continue your journey–even in the face of your greatest fears.

2. Affirmation: The use of positive statements and positive self-talk to re-program your mind to expand your self-perception.

3. Gratitude: The creation and development of a sense of thankfulness and appreciation that re-directs your mind to focus on the abundance in your life.

4. Journaling: The practice of keeping a written diary that explores your thoughts and feelings surrounding the events of your life.

5. Meditation: The use of contemplative exercises to calm your mind, expand your awareness and enhance your sense of self.

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In our monthly e-newsletter, the path and practice of the transformational journey is explored. You will learn about how you can manage your transformational process to create a more joyful transformational experience.

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