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Welcome to The Transformational Journey

If you are an individual or a solo-preneur/small business owner looking to understand and facilitate transformation in your life or your business, you are in the right place.

The Transformational Journey is for individuals or small business owners who are going through transformation.

Our work is based on the concept of the hero’s journey and the assumption that the purpose of life is to grow and develop through the ongoing transformation of our minds, hearts and spirit.

Our work with solo-preneurs and small business owners who are going through the transformational process is based on the assumption that as an individual goes through transformation they will shift significantly in their perspective and approach to work and their career.  For the owner of a small business, personal transformation will extend to business transformation. This often takes the form of re-branding and re-defining the leadership style of the owner as well as a shift in how the business communicates and relates to its customers.