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Coaching Services

The Value of A Coach

The transformational process can be scary and overwhelming. A life coach who specializes in the personal transformation process can provide assistance and support as you move through the transformational process.

Life coaches work in partnership with you to help you understand who you are and who you want to become. Specifically they:

1. Ask you questions about yourself to help you develop greater insight and knowledge about yourself.

2. Reflect back to you the inner passions, values, priorities, talents and obstacles in a clear and objective manner.

3. Assist you in developing strategies and action plans for achieving your dreams and goals.

4. Hold you accountable to your own chosen goals and actions and keep you on track to achieve your goals.

5. Encourage you and help you to develop the motivation to be and become your best self.

At The Transformational Journey, we specialize in guiding our clients through the process of transformative change in order to facilitate a more conscious change process.  To learn more about the services we offer, please go to: Coaching Services