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The Transformational Journey Cards

Oracle Cards

The Transformational Oracle Cards

These oracle cards have been designed for you to randomly draw from the deck and interpret the meaning of the card you have selected as it relates to your life. All the answers to your current problems and issues are within you. Oracle cards help you to access this inner knowledge.

One strategy for using the cards is to ask the following three questions and draw a card in response to the questions:

  • What is my challenge for today?
  • What obstacle is stopping me from meeting this challenge?
  • What do I need to do in order to overcome this obstacle?

Here is an example:

The Departure Cards

Here the drawn cards indicate the challenge is answering the call to adventure–the call to leave the safety of the known world and begin a journey of transformation.  This could be a card drawn for someone at the start of the journey or someone still in denial that they are on the journey. The obstacle is a lack of community or an unwillingness or inability to see the community of fellow travelers that already exist. The strategy for overcoming that obstacle is to seek out and begin to build a community of allies.

There is no hard and fast rules about how to interpret the meaning of the cards. The interpretation of the cards is simply a way to ask for and to hear the inner wisdom that lies within you.  Only the person who draws the cards can really interpret the meaning of the cards.

What People Have To Say…..

Laureen and I were chatting one day. I was all stressed out because I’d just identified an incident that was causing me struggle, but I didn’t get the solution. Laureen drew two cards for me from her deck of cards and suddenly it was obvious what I needed to do – I just needed to let go. Laureen and her cards are a treasure.

~Anne Wayman