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About Laureen Quick

My name is Laureen Quick.  I am a 56 year old, single mom and entrepreneur who believes that we are all spiritual beings who are here on this earth to grow and evolve.

Over the course of my adult life I have been given four major life opportunities to recreate myself as a result of choices I have made or as a result of circumstances that left me with no other option. Three of these transformational periods were painful learning experiences for me characterized by a high level of fear, anxiety and stress. The fourth one occur in 2012 and I decided to make that experience a positive one.

Number 1The first time I experienced transformation was when I was  in my twenties.  I had decided to leave my hometown and move to another city with Roger, my fiancé. Out of this decision I eventually married Roger and we started a family. At the same time, I started a small consulting business and as Roger and I raised our two daughters. During this time, I worked part-time as a leadership and organizational development consultant and I earned both an undergraduate degree and a MBA.

Number 2The second time I went through a major life transformation was when I chose to quit a job that was not a match for me. Out of this decision, I began a spiritual path of reflection that led to a greater consciousness about my role as a leader and entrepreneur.  Eventually this inner work led me, in partnership with my husband, to become a small business owner—opening a day spa.

Number 3The third time I experienced a major life transformation was when Roger died unexpectedly and lacking any desire at all to do much of anything, I made the decision to hire someone to manage the day spa and I focused my attention and energy on my two daughters.  Out of this decision I ended up working part-time as a high school teacher—spending more time with my daughters at their school—while at the same time, learning that I could create or manifest things (like a debate team or school newspaper or Model UN club) wherever I went.

Number 4Finally, the fourth time I went through a major life transformation was in April 2012 when I made the decision to close our family business because it was no longer economically viable. Out of this decision I have become an author, writing this blog and I am currently in the process of writing a book about the transformational journey as I have experienced it.  It is my hope and intention that by sharing what I have learned about this journey that others will find it less painful and perhaps even a bit more joyful.  I have also become a life coach and consultant helping others through the process of transformation.

Finding Your PathAs I have journeyed through these periods of transformation in my life,  I have come realize the transformation process is a journey.  It is a hero’s journey that involves three stages:

  • The departure from the known.
  • The path of trials through which the hero is tested and transformed.
  • The return home of the transformed hero.

I have also discovered six strategies that reduces the fear and increases the joy of the transformational process:

Road of Transformation1.  Challenging My Way of Seeing: Practicing Discernment & Reframing

2.  Overcoming Fear: Managing Emotions & Cultivating Courage

3.  Reducing Clutter: Creating Focus & Staying In Alignment

4.  Confronting The Unknown: Getting Clarity of Vision

5.  Breaking Through Isolation: Building Community

6.  Overcoming Paralysis: Becoming Proactive

Along with these six strategies, there are 5 life practices that will empower you to manage transformational change.

Number 5What I have learned through my own transformational experience is that I although change is disruptive, it can be a joyful and creative experience.  I now wait with anticipation for my fifth transformational life experience.

As a Transformational Life Coach, I offer a range of coaching services and programs for individuals going through the process of transformation.  I also work with small business owners who are interested in transforming themselves and their businesses. The foundation of this work is based on the assumption that transformation is a change in identity.  Thus, I work with business to re-brand themselves and re-define how they engage with their customers, employees and other stakeholders. In the case of the latter, I have a team of marketing specialists who work with me to deliver these services.  You can learn more about the coaching and businesses services we provide by clicking on the Coaching Services and Business Services tabs at the top of our website.

As a Small Business Coach & Consultant I work with my clients to help them gain clarity about their brand and to communicate their brand message clearly and consistently.  We begin our work together with a focus on brand identity and then, using the clarity we work together to create strategies for building the brand and expanding the business.

Whether you are working to define yourself or your business the process of transformation is always the same–it is a journey of discovery and growth.

I welcome comments and/or if you have topic ideas you would like to see covered or if you would like to be a guest blogger, just send me an email and we can talk! If you are interested in connecting with me via phone or email, my contact information, you can reach me via telephone or e-mail link below.

Finally, please feel free to join in the conversation here as you make your journey towards transformation.

Warmly, Laureen

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